Certified Flight Instructor

A Certified Flight Instructor is allowed to:
- Train students for their Private Pilot certificate.
- Endorse Private Pilot students for their solo rides.
- Train pilots for their Commercial Pilot certificate.
- Train pilots for their Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) certificate (following two years of active training and a minimum of 200 training hours).
- Perform flight reviews.
- Endorse pilots with a specific helicopter type (according to the CFI’s type endorsements).

The Certified Flight Instructor training program includes:
1) The fundamentals of effective instruction.
2) Flying all maneuvers from left seat while providing flight instruction.

3) Perform a full touchdown autorotation.

The program’s requirements:
1) Hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate or an Airline Transport Pilot certificate, with the appropriate helicopter type rating.
2) Have a minimum of 15 hours of flight time in the helicopter he will use for instructing.
3) Perform helicopter maneuvers, from left seat, at a very high standard.
4) Build up a Lesson Plan folder to be used as the teaching tool, with his future students.
5) Pass two knowledge tests (Fundamentals of Instruction and Aviation Knowledge tests) with at least 70% success.
6) Pass a Check Ride with a FAA qualified examiner, which includes:
    - Comprehensive oral knowledge test.
    - Practical flight test.

A student, who meets the program’s requirements, will earn his Helicopter Certified Flight Instructor certificate.

The Robinson R22 rate is $350/hour

Estimated Cost:
Flight hours: 10 hours X $350/hr = $3,500
Ground school: 40 hours X $70/hr = $2,800
2 X Knowledge tests = $300
Check Ride = $800

helicopter flight school in new york, fly a helicopter

Helicopter Flight School in New York. Fly a helicopter