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Commercial Pilot Certificate

With the Commercial Pilot Certificate you will be able to fly helicopters for hire or compensation*, within the U.S.

(*) In order to get paid as a pilot in the U.S., the pilot must have:

  - U.S. citizenship or a work permit.
  - Second Class Airman Medical Certificate.

  - At least a Commercial Pilot Certificate.


The commercial pilot training program includes:
1) Ground school - This will focus on similar subjects as the Private Pilot program, but at a higher knowledge level and with an introduction to Instrument Flying.
2) Flight training - The student will improve his flying skills and be required to perform the same maneuvers from the Private Pilot program, but with a smaller error margins.

For example: A commercial student has to fly a traffic pattern with an error margin of ±5 Knots in speed and ±50 feet in altitude. In comparison, the private pilot student flies the same pattern  but with error margins of ±10 Knots and ±100 feet.

The Commercial Pilot student will also practice 5 hours of Instruments Flying.


The program’s requirements:
1) Passing a 100-question knowledge test with at least 70% success.
2) Flight Experience:
    - A minimum of 150 hours as a pilot.
    - A minimum of 100 flight hours in powered aircraft, of which 50 hours must be in helicopters.
    - A minimum of 100 flight hours as a Pilot in Command (PIC), of which 35 hours must be in helicopters.
    - These hours should include: day and night long cross-country flights, instrument flying and preparation for the Check Ride.

Usually, during the Private Pilot Program, the pilots accumulate approximately 50 hours of flight time, including 10 hours as PIC. Every logged flight hour is counted toward the required flight experience.


3) Passing a Check Ride with a FAA qualified examiner, which includes:
   - Oral knowledge test.
   - Practical flight test.

A student, who meets the program’s requirements will earn his helicopter Commercial Pilot Certificate.



The Robinson R22 rate is $315/hour.


Estimated program Cost (based on 100 flight hours):
Flight hours: 100 hours X $315/hr = $31,500
Ground school: 10 hours X $50/hr = $500
Second Class Airman Medical Certificate = $100
Knowledge test = $170
Check Ride = $800


Helicopter Flight School in New York. Fly a helicopter