Why Helicopters?

  • Flying a helicopter is interesting, challenging and exciting, rarely a dull moment.
  • The helicopter’s windshield is a transparent bubble with an unlimited visibility in all directions.
  • A helicopter can takeoff and land in any open field; Airports and runways are not necessary.
  • You fly so low that you don’t just look at the view – you smell it.
  • Helicopters perform a wide range of missions and flight operations.
  • A helicopter is as safe as any other aircraft.

Why learn to fly in the United States?

The U.S. is a rich ground for general aviation, which includes tens of thousands of private aircraft, hundreds of airports and endless airspace to fly with a variety of scenery: lakes, forests, cities, beaches, deserts and mountains.

Flight students worldwide come to the US to learn how to fly, build up their flight time and return to their home countries with rich flight experience, yet, with much lower costs.

What are the requirements for a non-US citizen learn how to fly in the US?

1) A valid United States entry visa:

In order to learn to fly in the U.S., your stay in the U.S. has to be legal.

2) Transportation Security Administration approval:
After the 9/11 terrorist attack, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has setup new regulations for flying within the U.S. airspace.
Every non-U.S. citizen who wishes to learn to fly in the U.S. is required to go through a security approval process, done by the TSA.
To learn more about the TSA's Alien Flight Student Program – click here.

3) Speak, read and write in English:
The reading material, radio communication, maps and weather services  are all in English.
We will do our best, to try and bridge across the language barriers, however, the student must be fluent in English to succeed in the program.

Can I fly in my home country with a U.S. flight certificate?

Every flight hour you log during your flights in the U.S. will be logged in your pilot log book and be counted toward your total flight experience, worldwide.

Each country has different regulations regarding the migration process of a U.S. pilot certificate to the local one.
We do our best to assist our students, using our accumulated international knowledge, in order to direct them to the relevant information about the aviation rules in their home country.

helicopter flight school in new york, fly a helicopter

Helicopter Flight School in New York. Fly a helicopter