Private Pilot Certificate

With the Private Pilot Certificate you will be able to fly helicopters within the U.S., solo or with passengers (without being paid or reimbursed).

The Private Pilot Training Program includes:
1) Ground school - The fundamentals of flying, navigation, radio communication, the helicopter systems, FAA laws and regulations, weather services and safety.
2) Flight training - Pre- and post- flight inspections, normal and emergency maneuvers, en-route and traffic pattern procedures, situational awareness, navigation and radio communication.



The program’s requirements:
1) Passing a 50 question knowledge test with at least 70% success.
2) A minimum of 40 flight hours, which include: dual, solo, cross country and night flights.
3) Passing a practical Check Ride with an FAA qualified examiner, which includes:

   - Oral knowledge test.

   - Practical flight test.


A student, who will meet the program’s requirements, will earn his helicopter private pilot certificate and his wings.

Please Note: Most flight students exceed the minimum of 40 flight hours in order to meet the required flight standards.

The average flight time is closer to 55 hours, for students who fly at least twice a week.
The more frequently you fly, the faster your flying skills improve and less flight time is required in order to reach the required flight standard.

Nevertheless, the flight program is personalized and adapted to each student's progress.

The Robinson R22 rate is $315/hour.

Flight time estimated cost (R22):
A minimum of 40 hours = $12,600
An average of 55 flight hours = $17,325

Additional expenses:
Ground school: 20 hours X $50/hr = $1000
Third Class Airman Medical Certificate = $100
TSA approval (Foreign students) = $130
Knowledge test = $170
Check Ride = $700




helicopter flight school in new york, fly a helicopter

Helicopter Flight School in New York. Fly a helicopter