Helicopter Flight School

So you want to be a helicopter pilot?

Are you aiming for a helicopter pilot career?

We provide flight training, from the Private pilot certificate all the way to a Certified Flight Instructor, and get you ready for your aviation career.

Aerial Photography


  • News Photgraphy.

  • Commercial, Residential Real-Estate.

  • Boats, Cars and Airplanes.


Use our experienced aerial photographers or join for the ride and bring your own camera.


Helicopter Tours

Surprise your loved one? Dreaming flying A helicopter (not just flying in a helicopter)?

We provide helicopter flights for any occasion: Helicopter Tours, Intro Flights, Birthday gift, Wedding proposal, fly over your home town or just spread your wings and fly.

Helicopter Rental

We provide Helicopter rentals to certified helicopter pilots, With/without an accompanied instructor,at attractive rates.

Stay current, build up your flight time and take your friends for a ride.

The sky used to be the limit...

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